Upholstery Bucci provides Italian made upholstery produced with great atte attention to detail using a  wide range of fabrics, sticks and technical solutions for curtains. With experience and professionalism, we interpret the tastes of our clients and propose original solutions to suit their needs.

Giuseppe Bucci founded upholstery Bucci in 1970 in Rome, after gaining experience in one of the best workshops of the time. Since then we have always used the newest techniques but have not neglected the craft and artistic aspect of the work. We are experts in understanding and catering for the wishes of the customer.

Our work ranges from covering the creation of designer furniture, antique or contemporary. Specialized in indoor curtains, we offer a wide range of curtain rods and technical solutions through partnerships with the best European suppliers including Silent Gliss and Interstil.

Passion and wisdom countersign us. Have a look.